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Julie paints cowboy pictures with words and wit in her attempt to bring a unique point of view to cowboy life - be it ranch wife woes, cowboy behavior, rodeo adventures or simple essays on the nature of the beast called "cowboy." From her ranch raising in Colorado to her ranch living in New Mexico and about a million rodeo arenas in between, she writes with the intent to make you laugh, make you think or sometimes, a little of both.

Her stories are those she has experienced herself and many are as told to her by others. The lifestyle and experiences are not unique to her, but Julie writes as the voice of those that came before her and those that still live down that dirt road, far behind the cattle guard

Julie's other passion is capturing life with a camera --taking that moment that will never be again and preserving it in time for all time. She documents cowboys, kids, families and the landscapes of the Southwest. She seeks to find and share those things you don’t always see driving the highway. Julie Carter Photography was born out of that desire to use her gift with a camera alongside her gift with a pen.